Types of Veil Edging

( 52″ or 72” wide unless stated; order code in brackets)

Cut edge

  • a neatly cut edge with no finish. Plain from £45.00 (004);
  • two layer veil, scattered with diamontes and crystals: from £100.00 (016 );
  • Two layer veil with scattered AB diamontes: from £85.00 (011)
  • Two layer, plain cut scattered with clear Swarovski elements on both layers: from £90.00 (020)
  • Cut scalloped edge with diamontes at each peak (54” wide) from £120.00 (017a);
  • Two row border of clear diamontes, from £85.00 (002);
  • Two layer cut veil with scattered crystal and diamontes: from £100.00 (016);

Wired edge

Also known as Filigree, this edge has a very thin plastic wire enclosed in cotton thread, which produces a wavy effect.

  • From £75.00 – plain (001);
  • Two layer veil, centre gathered, scattered with clear diamontes: from £90.00 (014);
  • Two layer veil with scattered Swarovski elements: from £100 (018);


A satin cord 3mm wide with a slightly risen finish.

  • Two layer veil, Ratail available in a variety of colours, fully gathered: from £75.00 (008);


Also known as Russia Braid, a satin cording flatter than rattail, approximately 4mm.

  • Three layer veil, fully gathered: from £120.00 (009);
  • Classic veil gathered onto satin covered comb: from £90.00 (024)

Pencil edge

very fine finish can be done in any colour.

  • Plain , one layer: from £75.00 (003);
  • Two layers with scattered pearl beads on each layer: from £90.00 (005);
  • Scattered with clear crystals on both layers: from £105 (006).
  • Two layer veil with clear crystals as a border on both layers, fully gathered: from £90.00 (010).
  • One layer veil scattered with AB crystals: from £60.00 (012);
  • Two layer veil, scattered with diamontes and pearl beads: from £95.00 (015);
  • Two layer square cut, handkerchief style veil, edged with a silver metallic pencil edge and Swarovski elements in groups of 3: from £120.00 (019);
  • Two layer (54”wide) pencil edge veil embellished at the edge with Swarovski teardrop crystals: from £90.00 (021);
  • One layer pencil edged veil, embellished with Swarovski elements in a falling star design: from £110.00 (022)

Ribbon Edging:

  • two layers with 7mm ribbon edging (54” wide): from £80.00 (007)
  • Satin organza, 25mm ribbon, edged veil, 54” wide: from £90.00 (017);

Satin binding

Similar edge to ribbon, the tulle enclosed within the binding.

  • Cascade design with satin edging, 108” wide: from £90.00 (023)

Beaded edging (hand sewn) POA (8 week process)
Embroidery – A satin thread that creates a chain stitch creating either a single line or a stunning finish
Pearl edge – A continual string of 3mm pearls.
Bugal bead – A continual end to end finish of 6mm beagle beads with a silver lining

Rhinestone – A continual, end-to-end finish of 5mm diamontes.

Scattered Crystals and pearls – hand sewn POA (8 week process)
Scattered pearl, Bicone crystal beads or sequins give the veil more eminence.
We use only Swarovski pearls and Xillion crystal, sourced from the main Uk supplier straight from Swarovski in Austria. The amount of facets cut into each Xillion crystal provides maximum sparkle and reflection to enhance your dream veil and complete your perfect look.
Our crystals are available in sizes from 2mm to 25mm 2-3-4-5-6 mm and in a range of colours.


Our standard lengths are:
1 layer Shoulder 20″
2 layer Shoulder 18″ + 20″ (38″)  drop from comb bias to longest length edge is 20″
1 layer Elbow 25″
2 layer Elbow 20″+25″ (45″)         drop from comb bias to longest length edge is 25″
1 layer Waist 30″
2 layer Waist 24″ + 30″ (54″)       drop from comb bias to longest length edge is 30″
1 layer Hip 36″ (Also known as Petite Fingertip)
2 layer Hip 30″ + 36″ (66″)          drop from comb bias to longest length edge is 36″
1 layer Fingertip 42″  ( Also known as Standard Fingertip)
2 layer Fingertip 30″ + 42″ (72″)   drop from comb bias to longest length edge is 42″
1 layer Floor 78″
2 layer Floor 30″ + 78″ (108″)   drop from comb bias to longest length edge is 78″
1 layer Chapel 96″
2 layer Chapel 30″ + 96″ (126″)  drop from comb bias to longest length edge is 96″
1 layer Cathedral 114″
2 layer Cathedral 30″ + 114″ (144″)  drop from comb bias to longest length edge is 144″


Our standard accents are:
Swarovski Clear or AB crystals
Swarovski Clear or AB diamantes
Swarovski Pearls


Colours available are:
White shimmer
Diamond white
Diamond white shimmer
Ivory shimmer
Blush pink
Honey gold