Tips on cleaning silver plated Jewellery

I have found cleaning silver plated tiaras and jewellery challanging until I found this recipe

(Disclaimer: please note that although I have tried this solution, Polly Griffin Designs cannot be held responsible for any circumstances arising from its use whats so ever & we suggest that you test an inconspicious piece and proceed with caution)

To clean tarnish from silver plate

you will need

  • A large glass, square shaped, flat bottomed dish such as a casserole dish
  • baking soda
  • aluminium foil
  • table salt
  • household rubber gloves
  1. line the dish with a sheet of foil to completely cover the dish (you may need to use two sheets)
  2.  fill the lined dish with steaming hot water – you will need enough to cover the items
  3. add 2 table spoons of salt and 2 tablespoons of baking soda – lightly stir
  4. put on gloves
  5. place in silver items so that they are touching each other & resting on the foil  (large items will have to be immersed separately and moved every minute within the solution but each part still need to touch the foil).
  6. heavily tarnished items may take five mins but check every minute.
  7. rinse well: first in lukewarm then cold water. Rub crystals gently under a flow of water to make sure the solution does not impair their sparkle.
  8. gently shake, wipe and leave to dry in a warm place – not airing cupboard!! but a warm room or window sill. Polish with cloth when nearly dry.
  9. put activated charcoal or a piece of chalk into the storage box to help prevent tarnishing. Will not stop it completely but it will slow the process down

Have fun Polly 🙂