New Season – New Designs

I have taken the lead from nature and being inspired by the vibrant colour of Phil , some of our classic vintage designs will be created in warm seasonal colours in Swarovski crystal, for example, those shown in the feature picture.

Other colours that are proving popular is lemon and sunflower Swarovski  crystal colours.

As we design and create (hand make) head embellishments why stop at clear crystal? You can add a little of your theme colour or a lot – whatever takes your fancy and suits your pocket. All our products are compeditively priced.

So take a peek at our Tiaras and our beautiful veils categories. Lots of styles and lengths to choose from with a short completion time.

Call us for a chat. Dont forget we don’t just do weddings as you will find when you peruse our Accessories Emporium.

Look forward to hearing from you.