Last Autumn Colours

I had an interesting time in Lincolnshire. Although the weather was very wet and windy, the dawn was inspirational. There is nothing quite like sitting with your first coffee of the day watching wispy clouds scurrying across a pale blue sky. You know that the old fable of sun before seven means rain before eleven and this was true for the whole 3 days we were there.

Each morning we had Opel coloured clouds, tinged with pink edges to greet the day, gradually pushed aside by thicker more intense pink ones and then darker rain clouds rolled over to obscure the seemingly borrowed brightness of the dawn.

The colour theme of amber, brown and mottled yellow in a smooth almost round stone comes to mind, such as tiger stone or amber and then a robust red with silver to accompany and complete the look. The colours inspired a cross over eclectic pattern typically asymmetrical and independent of bounderies.

If I was still designing gowns, midnight blue would lead the theme teamed with brushed silver accessories and a hint of red perhaps as a broach or pin.  Nature has boundless opportunities for inspiring beautiful jewellery, you just need the time and opportunity to take a peek.